CHARLEY FROM OUTSIDE - A Play for Radio - The script by Frank Johnson and John Park won first prize at the London Radio Playwrights' Festival awards in November 1999.

First Broadcast:

Monday 28th August 2000, 2-3 pm (UK time) on London radio station LBC 1152 AM. Simultaneous Webcast from LBC.

This play was also available in Real Audio as IRDP's Internet Audio Play during Autumn 2000



Charley From Outside is the story of a London family in which the stress of looking after a severely autistic boy leads to tragedy.

The Cast, left to right: Nadine Hanwell, Elizabeth Power, Scott Charles, Frances Barber, Hannah Edwards, Julie-Ann Gillitt, Rebecca Wicking, Aden Gillett, Neville Watchurst


An IRDP Production © 2000

Writers: Frank Johnson and John Park

Director: Richard Shannon

Producer / Sound Designer: Tim Crook


Frances Barber - Tessa, Charley's mother

Aden Gillett - Will, Charley's father

Hannah Edwards - Bucket, Charley's small sister

Rebecca Wicking - Zoe, Charley's teenage older sister

Scott Charles - Charley, 10 year-old severely autistic boy


Julie-Ann Gillitt - Madri, Restaurateur, Police Officer.

Nadine Hanwell - Doctor, Angela, Operator.

Elizabeth Power - Mrs Jillott.

Neville Watchurst - French Priest, Police Officers.

Rebecca, Aden, Frances and Hannah in the studio

Details of people in the production:

FRANCES BARBER's recent appearances include: Shiner (2000), Esther Kahn (2000, as Rivka Kah), Mauvaise Passe (Jessica). Plastic Man (Louise Fermen), Dalziel and Pascoe - The Wood Beyond (Amanda 'Cap' Marvell), Still Crazy (Lady in Black), Real Women (Anna), Tea, Photographing Fairies (Beatrice Templeton), The Ice House (Diana Goode).

ADEN GILLETT's recent appearances include: In Defence (2000, as James Glayzer), The Tenth Kingdom (2000, Viscount Lansky), Wonderful You (Alan), The Winslow Boy (John Watherstone), Ivanhoe (Robin of Locksley), The Borrowers (Joe Lender), Under The Lighthouse Dancing (David), My Good Friend, Silent Witness (DI Lightfoot), The House of Elliott (Jack Maddox). We also have a page about Aden Gillett.

SCOTT CHARLES's appearances include: Shooting Fish (as Samuel), Bean (Tommy Pewker Jnr), The Bill.

JULIE-ANN GILLITT's appearances include: A Midsummer Night's Dream (Titania), To Hear Your Voice Again (Eleanor), The Big Swap (Liz), Antony and Cleopatra (Cleopatra), Macbeth (Lady Macbeth), Happy Families (Rebecca and Lynn Sutton), Charlotte's Web (Charlotte), The Comedy of Errors (Luciana), The Guru (Melanie), A Pageant (Sylvie and Celia).

NADINE HANWELL's appearances include: Man Afraid (Miss Murray)

ELIZABETH POWER's appearances include: Tale of the Mummy (Mary), Heart of Darkness, Shoplifted, Hey Mr Producer (1998), Lillie (Ellen Terry), Juliet Bravo.

NEVILLE WATCHURST's appearances include: Restoration, Clem, The Bill - Witness (Mr Fox), Writing credits include: The Café.

TIM CROOK's work includes: (director) - Much Like Yourself, The Kissing Game, Wormwood, To Sleep, The Wizard's Spell, The Sons of Catholic Gentlemen, Shiver Breathing, Still Stationery, Restless Farewell, Channel 31. (adaptations) - Heart of Darkness, The Blue Carbuncle, Dracula.

RICHARD SHANNON's work includes: (director) - In The Cupboard, The Blue Carbuncle, Daisy, Whose Fault Is It Anyway?, To Hear Your Voice Again, Shoplifted, Feathers, The Knucker Hole, Blind Spot, Dr Karpinski's Circus Phenomena, Man Afraid, And This Little Fishy Stayed At Home.



Charley From Outside was produced with financial assistance from London Arts who funded the London Radio Playwrights' Festival


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